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Final Submissions

Demos will be at 2:30 tomorrow.

To qualify for a demo time slot, you must enter your team's information into Devpost.

1. Go to coolerhack.devpost.com and click the big green "Enter a Submission" button.
2. Answer all questions
3. When you get to "Here's the whole story," delete the suggested text, copy and paste the below questions and fill in your answers underneath each question:


  • # #How does it work?
  • # # What does it measure?
  • ## Does the retailer/bottler/distributor have to do anything different to make your solution work? (if yes, please explain)
  • ## What materials does your solution require?

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CoolerHack - what you need to know for this weekend

Some things you need to know for CoolerHack this weekend:

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/NNFez5quJ1n

Parking: Free and plentiful in the lot right outside the door. Enter the door with the big "Gathering Spot" sign.

Have questions about the challenge?

  • We have a Q&A thread going with Coke executives and engineers here: https://hackpad.com/ep/group/Do86sj6iWv0 (scroll down to Q&A)
  • On Friday at 7:30, we're doing a live video conference with Mariam Prado from Coca-Cola Japan who is intimately involved with this initiative. Prepare your questions!

Slack channel

  • If you haven't gotten an invitation to our Slack channel, let me know (shanereiser@gmail.com). We have…

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Join our Slack group. + What hardware should we buy for you?

Two quick things.

Join our Slack group to start asking Coke engineers questions and interact with other participants. If you haven't gotten an email invitation to our Slack team, email me at shanereiser@gmail.com and I'll get you and your team mates invited.

We're taking requests for what hardware and supplies we should buy and have waiting for you at the event. Join that discussion in Slack or on devpost here.


CoolerHack organizing team

over 6 years ago

CoolerHack - some helpful info

We're looking forward to CoolerHack next week! Here are some things to know as you prepare:

  • We will have 4 coolers on site for you to hack on
  • Cold drink equipment engineers from Coca-Cola will be on site to help
  • Judges are posted at the bottom of coolerhack.devpost.com
  • We are hunting down CAD renderings of the coolers and will send them to everyone as soon as we get them
  • We just ordered some amazing prizes and gift bags full of tech goodies for everyone

TODO: Make sure you've registered correctly. Everyone should register here on devpost. Then - If you're coming to…

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