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over 5 years ago

CoolerHack - what you need to know for this weekend

Some things you need to know for CoolerHack this weekend:


Parking: Free and plentiful in the lot right outside the door. Enter the door with the big "Gathering Spot" sign.

Have questions about the challenge?

  • We have a Q&A thread going with Coke executives and engineers here: (scroll down to Q&A)
  • On Friday at 7:30, we're doing a live video conference with Mariam Prado from Coca-Cola Japan who is intimately involved with this initiative. Prepare your questions!

Slack channel

  • If you haven't gotten an invitation to our Slack channel, let me know ( We have one channel for participants and another where you can ask questions to the #coaches


  • Friday @ 6:30 - Come meet the other participants, check out the coolers, see the supplies, test the wifi, and ask Miriam Prado lots of tough questions at 7:30.
  • The rest of the schedule is at

What to bring:

  • Bring: laptop and any unique hardware, tools and supplies you need
  • We'll have: duck tape, electrical tape, wires, a soldering station, a couple of 3D printers, flip charts, post it notes, markers, power strips, extension cords, CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kits, and a few extra sensors, resistors, boards...
  • All the food and drink you need

If you are participating remotely:

  • We'll try to get a livestream going so you can join us virtually
  • Join Slack and take advantage of the #coaches channel
  • We'll give you more specifics about what we want you to submit. In short, imagine I am taking what you submit and pitching it to Coke executives without you in the room. Give me what I need to be succesful in convincing them to have a second meeting with you. Submit it via the devpost portal (


See you tomorrow!