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over 5 years ago

CoolerHack - some helpful info

We're looking forward to CoolerHack next week! Here are some things to know as you prepare:

  • We will have 4 coolers on site for you to hack on
  • Cold drink equipment engineers from Coca-Cola will be on site to help
  • Judges are posted at the bottom of
  • We are hunting down CAD renderings of the coolers and will send them to everyone as soon as we get them
  • We just ordered some amazing prizes and gift bags full of tech goodies for everyone

TODO: Make sure you've registered correctly. Everyone should register here on devpost. Then - If you're coming to the physical event in Atlanta next week, you also need to register at If you're participating remotely only, don't register on Eventbrite.

We'll send out another email with housekeeping items like parking instructions, etc on Wednesday of next week. If you have any questions in the meantime, post them in the discussion forum ( or email me at

See you next week!